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Wall of Trust

Why work with me?


Corporate Advisory, Restructuring & Turnarounds, Special Situations

Alicia's commitment to customer care, extensive knowledge, approachable demeanor and ability to provide tailored solutions have truly set her apart. 

From the moment I first reached out to her, she demonstrated a genuine willingness to understand my specific needs and concerns. She took the time to listen attentively, asking thoughtful questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of my insurance requirements. This personalized approach made me feel valued and reassured that I was in capable hands.

Thanks to your expertise, I now have a comprehensive insurance portfolio that gives me peace of mind and ensures protection in the face of unforeseen events.



Casting Executive

For the longest time I have always relied on a family agent for financial planning because why get more coverage when I already have something in place right? I have always looked the other way whenever I was approached at roadshows but with Alicia, she was able to explain the importance of having policies that were relevant and up to date. It was her attention to detail and patience in explaining that convinced me to look into my existing coverage. She took the time to understand my needs and wants, listening to my concerns and presented me with options that will suit my lifestyle and financial needs. I highly recommend her services to everyone!



Marketing Executive

Alicia is very understanding of what is needed vs transactional. She presented a clear overview of my existing coverage and included other possibilities/options based on our discussions. I liked how she provided a comprehensive, clear and insightful planning. 

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Tan Ying Ru

Senior Human Resources Executive

I first approached Alicia for some financial planning advice as I wanted to better manage my savings. She listened to me patiently and reviewed my portfolio so that I can better understand what was the best for me. There was no pressure to do any sales. She was knowledgeable and was able to recommend sensible advice to help me make informed decisions. I feel safe and assured now that I have her as my agent. (I can’t wait to retire already thanks to her!!) Will definitely recommend her to my friends!


Ka Wei

Casting Executive

Alicia 是一位说话有说服力的保险经纪,她很有耐心地为顾客讲解,不厌其烦的重复着同样的问题,也是位有责任心的人,让人能放心将保险的部分全部交给她。


Lee Min

Growth Manager

I am impressed with Alicia's attention to detail and the comprehensive explanations she provided during our initial consultation. Her expertise in introducing personalised insurance products according to individual needs is remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend Alicia to anyone seeking guidance on personal life insurance. She is a genuine professional who truly cares about her clients' well-being.



Military Expert

I approached Alicia with little to zero understanding to my pre-existing plans that I bought before consulting her. She was very understanding to my financial circumstances and carefully analyzed what plans I currently have and suggested on how to improve my current coverage that is still within my affordability range. She is very responsive to any of my enquiries and is willing to patiently explain any of my doubts.



Business Analyst

I first approached Alicia for some financial planning advice as I wanted to learn more on my current health coverage. She reviewed my portfolio, listened to my needs and requirements and shared her thoughts on what was lacking. I felt a sense of responsibility, informative and genuineness in our engagement where I felt comfortable throughout the session. Alicia is thoughtful of my financial concerns and recommended what is best for me. I feel safe and assured now that I have her as my agent.



HR Executive

I have complete trust in Alicia in handling my portfolio because she really shows consistent dedication, responsible approach and genuine commitment to my financial well-being. Thank you Alicia!



Air Stewardess

Alicia was very professional in her service, allowing me to understand more about the previous insurance profiles that I own. She also shared on different tools which allow us to diverse our wealth planning .Highly recommend Alicia for her financial services.



Senior Strategy & Transformation Analyst

It's been a tedious journey with financial planning for me and it can be very intimidating and scary for anyone if they don't have the right person to guide and advise them along the way. Thank you Alicia for helping me with my financial journey and for your patience in answering my many questions or addressing the fears and doubts I may have without any judgment, and most of all, for being someone that I can trust on this.

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